Ajax OutletCore Smart Jeweler Base Plug
  • Ajax OutletCore Smart Jeweler Base Plug

Ajax OutletCore Smart Jeweler Base Plug

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- Ajax OutletCore Smart Jeweler Base Smart and wireless plug with electricity consumption monitor.
- Control through a smartphone.
- Touch button for manual control.
- Works without an Internet connection.
- Automation scenarios.
- Electrical consumption monitor.
- Protection against overcurrent and overheating.
- LED indication of operating status.
- Installs in place of the old socket without replacing the mounting box or wiring.
- Linking with a hub using the QR code.
- Remote control and configuration in the app.
-Red Jeweler.
- Up to 1,100 m of wireless communication.
- Data is encrypted at each stage of transmission.
- Regular ping to view current device states.
- Compatible with Hub Plus, Hub 2(2G), Hub 2(4G), Hub 2 Plus, Hub Hybrid(2G), Hub Hybrid(4G), ReX, ReX 2.
- If the socket is installed as a separate device, the front panel and frame are required, which come as a single component (SOLOCOVER).
- To install a series of several devices, it is necessary to purchase a frame (LIGHTSWITCH-FRAME) and the appropriate covers (CENTERCOVER OR SIDECOVER).
- Dimensions: 72.5 x 76 x 44.4 mm.
- Weight: 75g.


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